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Longer-lasting wrinkle reduction is finally here thanks to Daxxify®, a peptide-powered neuromodulator that lasts longer than Botox®. At Humble Dermatology in Humble, Texas, skilled dermatologist Adaeze Egesi, MD, MBA, offers Daaxify to women and men with moderate to severe wrinkles. Call the practice today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about the benefits of Daxxify.

Daxxify Q & A

How is Daxxify® different from Botox®?

Daxxify and Botox are both neuromodulators with similar makeups. They treat the same types of wrinkles and offer similar results. 

However, Daxxify contains a unique protein that allows it to bind to the nerves near the injection sites longer than Botox, producing longer-lasting results. This peptide-based ingredient also contains no animal or human byproducts, while other popular neuromodulators use blood products and cow’s milk proteins as stabilizers.

Can Daxxify treat all types of wrinkles?

Daxxify, like other neuromodulators, treats dynamic wrinkles. These lines form when your face moves. Expressions like frowning, smiling, and furrowing your eyebrows cause dynamic wrinkles over time. Daxxify treats these wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles beneath them. 

Once injected into a specific muscle, Daxxify restricts its movement, causing the wrinkle above to soften. Currently, Daxxify is FDA-approved to treat glabellar lines (frown lines), which develop between your eyebrows and can give a tired, angry expression. Relaxing these lines can refresh your appearance and make you look younger.

What can I expect from Daxxify treatments?

Injecting Daxxify takes only a few minutes. While most treatments are comfortable, Dr. Egesi may apply a topical numbing agent to minimize pain. You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment, making Daxxify an ideal lunchtime treatment for those with busy schedules.

How long does Daxxify last?

Daxxify lasts for six months in most cases, with some patients reporting results of up to nine months. Results typically last about 2-3 months longer than Botox and other popular neuromodulators, including Dysport® and Xeomin®.

Does Daxxify have more side effects than Botox?

Side effects with both Daxxify and Botox are typically minimal. You can expect minor swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site, but these effects typically subside quickly. Some people also experience short-term headaches with neuromodulators.

How often should I get Daxxify?

Once your results begin to wear off after about six months, return to Humble Dermatology for maintenance treatments. You can also combine Daxxify treatments with dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments for complete skin rejuvenation.

Daxxify is a groundbreaking treatment that can offer longer-lasting results than any neuromodulator currently on the market. Call Humble Dermatology today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.